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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Waiters with trays
There's some waiters with glass trays of drinks and delicious looking canapes moving round the room, so if you'd like to help yourself, please go ahead! Here's a good place to network and chat about anything under the sun.

Discussion points: Where are you from? Are you a member of any book or writing related organisations? What good films have you seen recently?
I'm going to help myself to a glass of dry white wine.

I'm in Hertfordshire, England, which is the first county north of London. Though a million people live in Hertfordshire and much is built up, I'm quite close to the countryside which is very green with fields and hedges.

I'm a member of the RNA, Historical Novels Society and Society of Authors.

I'm hopefully going to see Hitchhikers at the weekend... is it any good?
Another margarita for me, please.

I'm in Essex, which is right next to Hertfordshire *waves to Kate*. I know Essex has its reputation, but most of it's quite rural, right out to some very pretty coastline, and the part I live in is old and lovely.

I'm a member of the RNA and RWA and I'll be attending both conferences this summer.

Hitchhikers guide is great - just switch off your sensible-meter and you'll love it :)
I'm still on the champers! :)

I live in West Yorkshire, and I live in a small town half way between Leeds and Wakefield. There's open country not far from where I live, and my back garden is a natural wilderness!

I'm also a member of the RNA, and am considering joining RWA, particularly if a chapter for erotic romance authors is formed. I'm not going to any conferences this year, mainly because I have a book to rewrite asap and another to write from scratch by the end of September!

Films? Well, just this morning, when I should have been working, I was watching bits of a very affecting 1940s POW drama on C4 called The Captive Heart. I wasn't expecting much, but found myself moved to tears by its poignancy.
I'm in Norfolk. Live in a very small village between Diss and Thetford. I belong to the RNA, Soc of Authors, Hist Novel Soc and log on daily to about 8 boards, mostly to do with writing.

Rewatched Moulin Rouge last night and thought it really disappointing.

Just about to have a pre-lunch glass of dry sherry.
Mmm - wine. Thanks for the glass :-)
Ok, I'm Canadian, a member of the Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America, my local RWA chapter and another small writers group.

As for films, we saw Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and thought it was lots of fun. I'd never read the book, so went in completely blind.

Also, we saw SW, Ep III. There were some huge plot holes, but still, I enjoyed it. Thought it was waaaaayyy better than Eps 1 & 2. For me, though, nothing will beat seeing Ep 4, way back in 1977. My dad took my sister and me to see it. Or, in the late 80s seeing A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi back to back to back at a local theatre.

Hope to see Kingdom of Heaven soon :-)
Wendy, have you scrambled through the Yahoo group discussing an RWA erotica chapter? There are so many people there I could easily have missed you!

I love Moulin Rouge. I love the energy and the colour and the sheer madness of it all. Plus, Ewan McGregor (and how fair is it that he should have such a good voice, too?).
I'm from North Yorkshire - waves 'hi' to Wendy Woo just across the way; I was in the RNA for a short while and went to meetings in Harlow Carr Gardens.

I'm still in the Historical Novel Society. I attend the local writing group, York Writers.

Recently saw Scott's 'Kingdom of Heaven' which , though not as good as 'Gladiator' was still miles better than the truly awful recent 'King Arthur' film. So 'thumb's up' for KOH; there is a sense of being transported to another time and the setting's suitably gritty. Great atmosphere. I gather there's some 'authenticity' niggles (there's some tin hats which look rather late to me ...), but same goes for 'Gladiator'!
Am I allowed another glass of cyberspace wine? I'm not sure my typing will be readable if I have another.

I live near Coventry. I think I was sent here for my sins. I am a member of the RNA. Is the Historical Novels Society any different and is it worth joining. I must confess I don't know anything about it.
I'll try a glass of champagne.

I'm another Canadian. Live right outside of Edmonton, Alberta (they might as well just join us up with Edmonton we're so close.) There's about 50,000 + people here in St. Albert and another 600,000 or so in Edmonton. Lots of trees and fresh air around here. There's some beautiful spots and we're only about three hours or so from the mountains (sadly which I've only driven by and never gone to)

As for writing groups, tried joining RWA once, they didn't like my postal money order and with the fluctuating exchange rate I haven't been able to set aside enough to try it again. But I do belong to several online writers groups and hang out at e-Har more than I should lol

Haven't seen many good movies lately, though I did rewatch Pillow Talk with Doris Day on the weekend. Love those old shows.
Hi, my name's Jules and I'm a member of the RNA, and though as yet unpubbed, I'm working on it really hard! Have two wips in progress at the moment, both contemporary romances, but do love historical fiction and have written a time slip story for kids set in Chislehurst Caves in Bromley, which sadly has yet to find a home!

I live in Epsom with my dentist husband and four children. I used to edit children's books, but now freelance, though am thinking of setting up my own publishing company publishing local history books.

My kids went to see Hitchhikers Guide on Monday, when we were in Venice and they loved it!

I agree with whoever said SW1 was the best I saw it at The Empire Leicester Square in 1977, and it was a seminal moment! My cousin had done the sound effects, so got us all free tickets...

Sorry have to disagree, I loved the King Arthur film. Also loved Gladiator,and am looking forward to KofH, though hope won't be disappointed with Orlando (thought he was dire in Troy, but then that was dire!). My children love him though, so hey, what do I know??

Thanks for the invite to the party, Kate - never done blogging before. Think I might be hooked!

Regarding the King Arthur movie: the main reason it was so bad (and those of us who study the era all moan about this!) is that it was marketed as being 'the true story'! If they hadn't 'sold' it as that, I would have shrugged, classed it as a fantasy action story and taken it on the chin. Oh, I could say so much more (and not just on the history front), but I think I'd better not :-)

btw, in KOH, I think Orlando passes muster.
Popping in from New England to offer hearty congratulations! Hope your publication day has been thrilling!

My writers' organisations? The Authors Guild, Novelists Inc, Romance Writers of America, a local RWA chapter, plus several Regency-related writing groups.

One of these days I shall surely join RNA, as I spend sufficient time on that side of the Pond, and have occasionally had UK editions published...

Latest film? My husband and I watched Sideways on DVD at the weekend, sipping wine all the way through!

Lifting my virtual glass of champagne in toast--

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