The Lady Soldier Online Party
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Waiters with trays
There's some waiters with glass trays of drinks and delicious looking canapes moving round the room, so if you'd like to help yourself, please go ahead! Here's a good place to network and chat about anything under the sun.

Discussion points: Where are you from? Are you a member of any book or writing related organisations? What good films have you seen recently?
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
How to get a free copy of The Lady Soldier!
1. Enter and win in Jennifer Lindsay's website competition. Compose the best limerick, short poem or song about The Lady Soldier or on theme of lady soldiers in historic armies, and you could win a signed copy of The Lady Soldier - there are 3 up for grabs!

2. Snap up a free copy for the online book group at (Tip: a thread will be posted next week on the Central Library board. Free copies are first come, first served.) The online book group itself takes place at at the end of June.

3. Join in the discussions at the Junkies bookclub 14th-16th June where we are giving away copies as prizes. (Open to North American residents only).
More co-authored novels in the future?
The Lady Soldier was written by two novelists - Michelle Styles and I. We both write novels in our own right, and co-authoring is something more usual in non-fiction or for film and tv than for novels. However, we think we pulled it off, and I wonder, with the internet, which enabled us to e-mail the manuscript back and forth with ease, whether more novels might be co-written in the future.

I thought it might be fun to discuss co-authoring, and what the impact of the internet and new technologies might mean for co-authoring.

I'll post a later about some of the plus points and possible pitfalls of co-authoring.

Discussion points: Ever thought about co-writing, or have already tried it, with another writer? Have you read any other co-authored novels?
Do you buy or avoid historical fiction?
Historical fiction covers a whole variety of styles and genres, from literary to crime to romance and more. You can get a flavour for the diversity by seeing what's being published today in historical fiction at the Historical Novels Society. Where does it fit in your reading mix?

I have to admit that at least 50% of all the fiction I read is historical set, and I read a lot of historical non-fiction too, but that's not surprising because history is one of my major interests and I love escaping into the past.

Discussion point: What kinds of historical fiction books have you read recently and enjoyed? Or do you generally avoid reading historical-set novels? How far does the time period and setting matter?

The Lady Soldier
If you've read The Lady Soldier, here's the place to share what you thought. Here's also the place to ask if you've got any questions for the authors. I'll be posting back here later about some of the book's 'lost scenes', and why Jem could face battle with less apprehension than London society.

NB This thread is will contain spoilers.

Discussion point: Was The Lady Soldier what you thought it would be? Do you agree with this review?
The last good book you read
Open the conversations by sharing about the last good book(s) you read.

Discussion point: Why did you like it and who would you recommend it to?
The bar
It's all chrome and smoked glass, with green and butter-coloured underlighting shining up through the bottles of spirits lined up along the long back bar counter. There is a good wine list, continental beers and lagers, house cocktails and soft drinks.

Welcome to the party! This is the place to order your drink of choice, tell us what you are wearing and say hello.
The Lady Soldier Blog Launch Party
The Lady Soldier is published today! So throughout 31st May / 1st June the online blog party is taking place here, hosted by Kate Allan, co-author. It's my first book to hit the shelves and so I hope you'll join in the celebration.

What's a blog party?
I'm planning to post various topics over today and tomorrow, about The Lady Soldier, historical fiction and films, co-authoring a novel (I always get asked this!), books and the internet and reading in general, and hope we'll have some interesting discussions and lots of fun. If you've an idea for a discussion point or something else for the party, e-mail me.

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