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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
The Lady Soldier
If you've read The Lady Soldier, here's the place to share what you thought. Here's also the place to ask if you've got any questions for the authors. I'll be posting back here later about some of the book's 'lost scenes', and why Jem could face battle with less apprehension than London society.

NB This thread is will contain spoilers.

Discussion point: Was The Lady Soldier what you thought it would be? Do you agree with this review?
I very much enjoyed the book and didn't find it at all far-fetched, which I thought I might. More substance thn a lot of the bog-standard m&b. Well done!
Because of length, we had to cut a number of scenes from The Lady Soldier, and I thought readers might be interested to know a little more about the scenes which took place aboard HMS Courage from Lisbon to Portsmouth which originally were a whole chapter, but remain only now in the book by being alluded to later.

Jem has her first taste of how being treated as a lady is going to be ongoing. The captain of the ship is extremely polite and considerate to her. Meanwhile she can only watch the officers laughing and joking, unable to join in their fun and comradeship as she would have been able to previously.

Although everything seems fine on the surface between Jem and Tony, on the ship Tony becomes cross when he sees the captain pay Jem attention as a woman. He tries to deal with his feelings by precipitating some lovemaking, (which is not altogether successful in the close confines of their cabin!)

Jem continues to be frustrated at the lack of communication between them. Tony laughs with the officers but treats her differently now - as a lady.

By the time they land at Portsmouth all seems smooth on the surface but underneath remains frustration on both sides at the communications gap that seems to have emerged between them.
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