The Lady Soldier Online Party
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
The bar
It's all chrome and smoked glass, with green and butter-coloured underlighting shining up through the bottles of spirits lined up along the long back bar counter. There is a good wine list, continental beers and lagers, house cocktails and soft drinks.

Welcome to the party! This is the place to order your drink of choice, tell us what you are wearing and say hello.
Mine's a margarita. Is it telling that I go to the bar first?

As it's a virtual party and I'm not constrained by 'real life', I'm wearing a vintage YSL tuxedo and I'm drinking Champagne to honour The Lady Soldier! :)
Hi K8 & Wendy!

I'm still deciding what to wear actually... back later :)
Good point. I think I shall choose an Empire-line frock that would never suit me in real life. I'm trying to suit the theme here. Or would boots, a shako and a rifle be a better look?
Oops, I thought this was a toga party. Better go change.
I'm wearing the Roman Empire line, which is a peplos (a long tube of cloth held up at the shoulders by two brooches) Drink? Mead please!
Hi Dana and Alex, thanks for dropping by. :)

Mead? I guess the barman can cope with that lol
Gin and tonic with a twist of lime, please! And I'm wearing a pale sage gown with matching duster jacket.
odering a flaming rum punch and wearing a stunning corsetted gown (in navy raw silk, adorned with several hundred pearl buttons to match the pearl buttons on her cream high shoes) Camille sways her way to the bar and offers Kate her most heartfelt congratulations!
I'm drinking a bloody mary. I'm wearing a white sweater (cold today) and navy blue palazzo pants.
As it's a virtual party, I'm borrowing a vintage black Chanel dress with fringed sleeves and wearing kitten heels. :)

I'm drinking champagne too! Not every day one's book gets published!
I'll have some champers please dear sis. I'm actually in my jimjams as some afternoon pints are threatening to knock me out.
Arriving late to the party, but will have a blue martini.
Wearing a simple summer blue silk sundress with shimmery straps.
Congratulations on the book!
I'm going to belly up to the bar with K8 & her margarita! What am I wearing? Basic black, but with some kick-tushy shoes!

Thanks for inviting us all to celebrate, Kate!
Welcome Ellen, Camille, Pam, Nat, Lis and Emily!

No, it's not too late. :) The party goes on through tomorrow. And on that note I'll grab another glass of champagne!
Ah, I love arriving late to a party...

I'll have a whiskey. Straight up.
And I'm wearing a pale, ice-blue frock with dozens of mother-of-pearl buttons----and nothing underneath. I've decided to come as a hussy, and I'm enjoying it.

A double cuffed pale blue shirt, the light from the bar catching the cufflinks reflecting off the shiney areas and absorbed by the brush metal. A dark suit, blending with the dark corners of the bar. A grey silver tie with hints of orange, mirroring the uplighters in the corner of the bar playing off the walls. Neatly pressed trousers sharp creases running the length, resting on a pair of matt black shoes, toes square. Set with a single breasted jacket, cool purple lining, hugging and well fitted except the hint of something in the pocket, a fresh packet of bicycle poker cards, hinting at the fresh crisp smell of card stock, and hours of amusement..
Anyone wanna buy me a drink ? ;)
Hi Dream and Andrew! Thanks for stopping by.
Well, this seems the place to be. Congratulations to Kate and Michelle for seeing the book through and giving us all something to celebrate. Hope to see you all at the official launch on the 6th.
Champagne, of course!
Sarah @ Hale
Pimms & Lemonade please. Chapter 2 tonight

Nick C
Can you get tipsy in cyberspace, because one glass of wine and I'm anybody's. I'm not really into cross dressing. In 1643 Charles issued a proclamation forbidding the practice (inter alia) as - a thing which nature and Relegion forbid, and our Soul abhors.' Apparently Prince Rupert kept two hundred whores dressed as boys in his company.
Hi, given that I've just returned from romantic weekend with Venice with my other half, I'm going to order a cold champagne and toast Kate and Michelle on a brilliant idea, which Ihope does really well for them both.

I'm wearing a slinky black velvet number and the Venetian mask I wore at the weekend.
Hi Sarah, Nick, Barbara and Jules! Thanks for coming to the online launch party!
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